Strategic Consulting 
Programmatic Strategy Development -
Whether creating a new program or looking to improve upon past successes, CIC will provide strategic advice and recommendations to improve your organization’s community investment impact and ensure integration between the company's philanthropic investments, employee engagement, and its business goals. 

Measurement Blueprint -
CIC works with clients to define specific focus area results from social  investments that are attainable and reportable. CIC works to integrate relevant result based questions into applications and reporting, define key decision-making criteria for reviewing applications, and provide training and technical assistance to both internal and external stakeholders.

Tell Your Results Story- 
With today's added pressure to demonstrate the value of your contributions and your program's impact, it is critical to measure results and communicate what you are achieving. CIC has created a Result Card tool amongst other communications tools for our clients to clearly demonstrate the impact their investments are making. 

Program Management and Support Services
Portfolio Management and Technical Assistance – 
Need help managing your portfolio? CIC will help you manage your grant portfolio including reviewing proposals, providing non-profit technical assistance, grant recommendations and reporting.

Data Analysis, Reporting and Assessing Impact -
Working with our clients during the interim and final progress report stages of the grant cycle, CIC will roll-up the data collected, assess impact and tell the story of what you achieved. In addition, based on results, CIC will provide recommendations on how to increase impact based on analysis of results and trends in the space. 

Grants Administration - 
Let our team be an extension of yours. Our team can provide expertise to manage your processes and databases by outsourcing your grants administration to CIC.  From application and compliance review to payment processing and reporting, our team can facilitate the grant process allowing your staff to focus on developing relationships and building your reputational capital. 

Employee Engagement

CIC will help you design and implement employee engagement programs that tie to your overall CSR strategy while improving participation rate, employee satisfaction, retention, development and teamwork.  Our employee engagement and volunteerism services include developing volunteerism strategies, planning and logistics management, developing measurement and reporting criteria and crafting polices, handbooks and procedures for volunteer managers. 
Evaluate, Design and Test Systems
In order to truly implement a process that is strategic and measurable, proper and secure systems need to be in place. CIC works with its clients and their IS groups to identify tools needed that are user friendly and able to capture and report on all philanthropic investment data. We provide data mapping tools and techniques to get the most of your data management system.